Cleveland Family Welcomes Home Their Third Baby, William!

Happy Wednesday! It's a sunny summer day here in the Cleveland area, my baby is napping (or trying to), my older girls are having their lunch late (too busy playing in a fort this afternoon to eat) so I'm trying to keep up on my blogging!

I have another in-home newborn photo session with a darling family of five.  Mom and Dad, who are high school sweethearts, certainly have their hands full with their oldest little girl, middle toddler boy and newborn baby boy! This session was so fun to shoot. I love meeting new clients.  And it’s always a bonus to get my baby fix with these newborn sessions.  William liked lots of cuddles to keep soothed and was totally happy with he was with the whole family, looking up at everyone smiling, laughing and playing. I loved their laid back and casual style. Playing at home together as a family is one of their favorite things to do. Big sis and big bro loved showing me their playroom and all their favorite toys. In between shots when William needed a break, we played in their rooms and bonded over a mutual familiarity of Shopkins 🙂 Some of my favorite detail shots from this year so far are from this session.  Baby feet, of course, is always my favorite! Some of my other favorite shots from this session are of big sister holding her littlest brother so gently and sweetly. Enjoy some favorite shots below!

Mom holding newborn baby boy in front of Cleveland home nursery window giving him a kiss.
Black and white image of mom holding and looking at baby boy.
Newborn baby awake while mom holds him.
Black and white image of mother holding newborn son.
Mom, dad, big brother and newborn baby in Cleveland, OH home.
Little boy and girl smiling on sister's bed for portrait in Cleveland home.
Dad holding newborn baby boy in nursery.
Close up photo of baby and dad's hands.
Baby boy with eyes open being held by his father in Cleveland home.
Black and white image of crying newborn on dad's lap.
Dad cradling newborn son sitting in rocking chair in baby's room.
Dad's hands cradling newborn baby boy's head.
Dad making funny face at baby boy.
Black and white image of parents holding sleeping newborn in Cleveland home.
Dad and mom holding sleeping son in baby nursery.
Parent's in front of bedroom window holding newborn baby boy.
Parent's giving baby kiss on the head in front of nursery window.
Black and white of parents kissing baby boy.
Baby holding his feet cradled by parents.
Baby boy smiling in his sleep.
Baby boy awake laying on mom's lap.
Family of five on bed laughing and tickling.
Baby boy laying with mom and big sister on bed.
Cleveland family on parents bed playing with newborn.
Little girl giving baby brother a kiss.
Big sister cradling baby brother on mom's bed in Cleveland home.
Photo of big sister's feet as she holds baby on bed.
Black and white image of baby's legs stretched.
Baby boy on white bed fussing.
Photo of bottom of baby's feet laying on white bed.
Black and white photo of mom comforting crying baby on bed.
Black and white photo of mom holding baby boy on bed in Cleveland home.
Little boy playing with dad in bedroom laughing.

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  1. SO cute and such precious moments! <3

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