Cleveland Newborn Baby Girl + Big Sister In-Home Lifestyle Session

If you have kept up with my blog and social media postings you already know that I LOVE in-home newborn photography sessions.

I have been able to travel to homes all around the Cleveland and Akron areas to meet new families. Also, visiting with old past families and seeing their littles grow is heart warming. The response my clients and I get from these personal photos is the best feeling. Having someone be a fly-on-the-wall of sorts to photograph you with your little one(s) is something you cannot replicate or get back.  Time certainly passes by so quickly and in a blink your babies are big kids. They’re walking, talking,  and starting school. They’re having homework, going to softball and basketball games.  I am there with my own.  Sometimes I would give anything to have back this precious newborn smell, sounds, and daily moments.

My friends just had their second little girl and being a mom of three girls myself it’s pretty special to see the bond between sisters.  I have experienced it with my younger sister.  And I love witnessing the relationship grow between my daughters and the families I photograph. We made sure to get images of baby girl with both mom and dad and together as a family. We shoot in the baby nursery as well as the parent’s bedroom.  These are always intimate places I like to shoot in homes.

You can also see more about this session featured on Beyond The Wanderlust, a beautiful and inspirational site dedicated to photography work. And to see more of my featured work on BTW, go to the Molly Watson Photography archives on their site.

Newborn baby girl laying in crib with pink and white blanket.
Dad holding newborn baby girl.
Black and white image of newborn baby toes being held by dad and wrapped in striped blanket.
Newborn baby girl over dad's shoulders with her eyes open.
Dad holding baby on lap.
Dad's hands cradled around baby's head.
Little girl sitting on mom's lap in Cleveland home baby nursery.
Black and white image of big sister helping hold baby on mom's lap.
Mom holding two daughters on her lap.
Family of four with two little girls on bed.
Black and white image of new baby with family on master bed.
Big sister looking at camera while sitting with mom, dad and baby on bed.
Family snuggling for in-home newborn photography session.
Black and white image of new baby wrapped in a blanket on mom's bed.
Black and white image of baby toes on parent's bed.
Mom smiling and playing with new baby girl on bed in Cleveland home.
Baby laying on parent's bed in Cleveland home.
Black and white image of baby sleeping wrapped in blanket.
Mom holding baby next to window in baby girl nursery.
Mom and dad lovingly looking at new baby girl.
Mom giving newborn baby a kiss with dad.
Mom holding new baby in rocking chair.
Little Sister onesie laying on the edge of a baby crib.
New baby yawning while on mom's lap in striped blanket.
Black and white image of baby yawning.
Little girl giving her baby sister a kiss on the head.
Parent's smiling and playing with baby girl in nursery.
Family sitting on nursery floor playing in new baby.
Baby crying and parent's holding baby.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I <3 lifestyle sessions the most.

  2. These images are so touching and beautiful. I love the emotion you captured.

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