Mom and dad holding and looking at baby boy in front of nursery window.

Baby Boy Lifestyle Newborn Session in Kennesaw, GA

This post is extra special to me. This is my sister and her husband welcoming their first baby, a boy, Theo!

Get ready for an over-share ­čÖé I was lucky to be able to visit their little family in Atlanta just the week after he was born. ┬áSeeing them experience these moments with their first baby was super exciting and made my heart so happy. Having a new little human in your life is joyful, exhausting, indescribable, emotional, fun, snuggley…and I always hope to capture a little of all of that during these newborn sessions. Love you, little Theo!

Young mom and dad sitting on home couch looking at newborn boy.
Baby boy making funny face.
Baby boy in green onesie sleeping while on father's lap.
Newborn baby boy stretching.
New baby boy laying in crib smiling.
Baby boy in swaddle blanket sleeping in nursery crib.
Baby in while swaddle sleeping in crib.
Baby sleeping in crib.
Image through crib of baby boy sleeping.
Baby boy laying on blue rug in nursery with white blanket.
Baby in blue rug stretching arms.
Baby boy stretching legs on toes laying on nursery changing table.
Baby feet of baby in diaper on changing table.
Close up portrait of newborn boy on changing table.
New baby boy held by mother next to window.
Photo of mother holding newborn baby next to nursery window.
Mom cradling baby in while blanket by window in nursery
Mother looking down at son in nursery.
Mother looking straight at camera as she hold new baby.
Mother holding baby on chest with eyes closed.
Mother standing in front of nursery window holding baby boy.
Close up shot of mom's hand on baby's back
Mom and dad holding and looking at baby boy in front of nursery window.
Mother holding baby with husband standing behind her.
Mom and dad laughing while holding baby boy.
Mom holding newborn boy on lap giving kiss in nursery.
Baby boy crying laying on mother's lap in nursery.
Mother sitting on white bed holding new baby.
Mom holding baby boy on white bed.
Overhead image of parents holding new baby on white bed.
Mother and father looking at new baby.
young married couple sitting on bed smiling at each other as mom holds newborn.
Mom and dad looking down at baby boy while sitting on bed.
Mother and father holding baby boy on bed.
Couple smiling for photo holding baby boy on bed.
Baby boy in white swaddle laying on white bed.
Baby swaddled in white blanket laying on bed.
Baby boy wrapped in white blanket on bed.
Newborn boy looking at camera white laying on bed wrapped in blanket.
Newborn baby boy wrapped in blanket on white bed.