Intimate Cleveland Newborn Session

Welcoming baby Christian with this family's in-home lifestyle session was such a pleasure! We kept the focus on family interaction and connection.

I have known the sweet family for several years through my sister and shot big sister Gianna’s pictures first when she was three months old. Then Gianna joined my in the apple orchard last fall for those mini sessions. She is full of so much personality, so smart and funny. Gianna is such a joy to be around and shoot. I loved capturing the gentleness she had with her new baby brother. We started in his adorable rustic themed nursery with just mom snuggles and then with dad. We got the entire family in for a few on the floor of the nursery to capture all of them adoring their newest peanut.

I always like to make the master bedroom a space for shooting as well. The setting really creates a comfy closeness.  Gianna was so happy to hold her baby brother and give him kisses. Being the silly girl she is, Gianna grabbed a pair of her little undies to pretend like it was a camera, having us smile for her and she kid her face behind them 🙂 I always humor the little ones and take their lead to keep things moving smoothly and light-hearted. Mom and dad ordered some beautiful circular wood prints to display as a grouping in their home.  They look amazing! Thank you again to this wonderful family! Enjoy some favorites…there are a lot!

Little girl looking in baby crib.
Big sister looking at baby in crib.
Mom, daughter and son in Cleveland baby nursery.
Mom, daughter and son in Cleveland baby nursery sitting in rocking chair.
Baby boy held by mom and sister.
Black and white image of newborn baby boy in Cleveland home.
Little girl giving baby brother a kiss.
Mom playing with newborn baby boy.
Mom cradling and smiling at baby son.
Mom standing in front of nursery window with newborn baby.
Young mother holding baby boy in arms.
Mom giving newborn baby boy a kiss on his head.
Mother and son snuggling.
Mom holding baby in Cleveland home boy nursery.
Newborn baby laying on dad's lap.
Dad cradling baby boy's head in lap.
Dad holding newborn and giving him a kiss.
Dad holding baby over shoulder looking out of nursery window.
Father holding new baby boy in arms.
Dad looking down smiling at newborn son.
Dad touching noses with newborn boy.
Detail shot of dark baby boy hair being held by father.
Cleveland family of four sitting on baby boy nursery floor.
Family adoring newborn baby in Cleveland home photo session.
Baby boy on mother's lap.
Cleveland family photo session in newborn baby nursery.
Big sister on parent's bed holding newborn brother.
Detail shot of little girl's toes while holding baby.
Cleveland family on bed for in home photo shoot.
Cleveland, OH Home Newborn Session
Black and white image of new baby boy cradled by mother and father.
Sister giving baby brother a kiss laying on bed.
New baby boy laying on parent's bed looking toward window.
Baby boy feet.
Newborn baby laying on white floral bed.
Cute baby legs and toes.
Blue eyed baby boy looking at camera laying on bed.
Baby boy awake on parent's bed.
Little girl twirling with curly hair in parent's Cleveland bedroom.

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