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Why ‘Fresh 48’ Photography?

I have been dying to share more of these images and post details about the new sessions I am offering....Fresh 48 newborn sessions!

I have shared some of these on Instagram and Facebook but now that I have gotten caught up I am excited to post all of my favorites (which is a lot!).

What is Fresh 48?  These sessions are shot at the hospital or birthing center within the first two days after your baby’s delivery.  My goal is to capture real moments, connection, details, parents and siblings, and all of the little moments you one day wish you could have back.

Being a mom of three myself, I know how precious (and exhausting) those first few days and weeks are for you.  The newborn baby scent, their wrinkly toes and fingers, those sweet cheeks to kiss, little button nose, seeing your older child holding this new tiny life.  All of these memories bring happy tears and make your heart just explode with joy and wonder at this new baby.  These are images you tuck away in your mind.  With all of the tiredness and constant feedings and diaper changes, things can get overwhelming, and getting photos of these moments and details can be easily forgotten.  

I always found myself saying, “I will never forget this” and in a way you don’t, but in another way you do forget exactly what those moments were and how you want to remember them.  It is hard to get into the photos yourself as a mom or dad because you’re the one behind your camera or phone snapping away.  This is why I wanted to add this offering so that you don’t have to worry or do any of the work.

I am able to come to you, and spend a stress free and relaxing hour or so with you and your family, while photographing you in a documentary and storytelling way.  When your kids look back on photos years from now they will be so grateful to see YOU, the parents, in the images with them.  Having photos of these first couple of days are truly priceless.  I am planning on a special feature about the top reasons for parents to get in the frame, so if you want to receive that for free you can sign up here!

Below, I have rounded up some favorites of two family Fresh 48 sessions from this past fall.  Thank you so much to these two sweet families for having me photograph these truly amazing moments.  If you want more information or know someone who is expecting, you can get in touch with me here.  And in case you missed it, one of these Fresh 48 sessions was featured on Lemonade & Lenses! It is such a huge accomplishment for me to have my work chosen for such a well-known and respected photography website, and you can see it here!

Collage of newborn baby in Cleveland hospital
Newborn baby girl toes and belly button
Newborn baby girl in Cleveland hospital bassinet
Big brothers looking at newborn baby sister in Cleveland hospital
Baby girl in Cleveland hospital room bassinet after birth
Little baby in Cleveland hospital bassinet
Parents dressing newborn baby in Cleveland hospital
Mom and dad holding newborn baby boy in Cleveland hospital room.
Baby toes and yawns during newborn photography session in Cleveland.
Collage of newborn baby with big brother during newborn photo session in Cleveland.
Big brother playing peek a book with newborn brother in Cleveland hospital
Black and white photos of newborn session in Cleveland of dad holding and dressing son.
Hospital photos of family with newborn baby son in Cleveland
Family holding new baby boy in Cleveland hospital during newborn photo session
Molly Watson Photography headshot


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Molly is a full-time family, maternity, and newborn photographer serving Cleveland, Akron and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas.  A Pittsburgh girl turned Ohioan.  Lover of coffee and her three daughters.

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