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My name is Molly.

Lover of: many cups of coffee with caramel creamer, being a mama to three daughters, dance parties in our kitchen, learning to play guitar, true crime documentaries/podcasts, and pretty and emotive photos.

I began photography after my first daughter was born.  I had a starter camera and one lens.  I continued to document moments of my own growing family and started to branch out, building a portfolio of work that has truly evolved.  The thousands upon thousands of photos I have taken over the years have brought me to find my style and see the art in the images I can create for others.  (As a child who loved art, I should have seen this career coming!)

I want to see YOU!  I want to see your heart.  I see beauty in all the tiny details and in-between moments.  You get to relax and love on your family while I do the work for you.  My families put their trust in me to document the best times of their lives and create art they can enjoy every single day.  I am so ready to meet you!